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INS Treatment
(Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation)

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What is an INS Treatment?

INS provides a new form of therapy that generates an optimized electrical pulse stimulation, which helps prevent injury, manage chronic pain, remove inflammation, accelerate healing, speed recovery, loosen muscles and increase range of motion, while improving performance and quality of life. 


INS mimics the principles of acupuncture and western and eastern medicine using and accelerating the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Is Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation for you?

This modality is  great for injury recovery, pain relief, and improving performance. It has successfully aided in the healing and recovery from injuries including; ankles, feet, shoulder, knees, groin, back, hamstring, tennis elbow among other critical areas of the body. It is used by NBA, NFL, MLB and other professional leagues as well as college and high school athletes in addition to individuals. 

NXPro INS Treatment (Members)

30 min | $50

INS Benefits 


Stimulates and Relaxes Muscles


Improves Circulation and Blood Flow


Connective Tissue Repair and Rebuilding


Assists After Training Recovery


Aids in Treatment of Various Injury Types; Sports and Everyday Living

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