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The Bodyfix Experience

With a membership at BodyFix USA, gain access to recovery equipment and services previously accessible to only professional and collegiate level athletes.


About BodyFix USA

At BodyFIX USA, we strive to provide our members and clients with the finest level of services in the health and fitness community. Our goal is to help our clients reach and maintain an optimal level of wellness through a combination of holistic and therapeutic modalities.   We are a membership based "one-stop-shop" for your body maintenance and recovery needs. Think circuit training with a tailored client-to-therapist approach, where we track your progress and you will see and feel immediate results.

BodyFix welcomes non-members, to be serviced on an appointment basis only. Any prepaid non-member services may be transferred to a monthly membership within 3 months of purchase date.

With BodyFix, the possibilities are endless. Give us as little as 5 minutes and we will give you a custom plan to a better and healthier You. 


Our founder has over 16 years of practice within the professional NBA, NFL, USA Olympic Teams, including individual elite professional athletes (Soccer, Tennis, and Boxing).  We have equipped BodyFix with state of the art equipment. 

Come experience what it's like to recovery like "The Pros"!

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