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Why Cryotherapy?

Ice applied to a sore ankle or overused muscles reduces swelling and helps minimize pain, so it makes sense that whole-body cryotherapy induces this pain-relieving effect all over. The Recovery Specialist at BodyFix USA often recommends cryotherapy for those looking to recover after a sports injury, reduce chronic pain and inflammation, and boost overall health and wellness.


Is Cryotherapy for you?

Cryotherapy can be a beneficial part of any fitness and health plan, whether you’re a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or someone who simply wants to optimize overall wellness.


Find out if cryotherapy can help you get relief from a variety of health concerns by scheduling an appointment today.

Cryotherapy (Non-Member)

4 min | $100

Cryotherapy (Member)

4 min | $60

Cryotherapy Benefits 


Improves Athletic Performance


Improves Muscle Recovery


Boosts the Immune System


Weight Loss


Alleviates Chronic Pain


Helps You Feel and Look Younger

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