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Spot Treatment

What is Spot Treatment?

Common areas of tension are in the back, neck and shoulders. Spot Treatment Massage Therapy concentrates on just that for the relief of everyday stresses and sore muscles. Our licensed massage therapist uses trigger point therapy and myofascial techniques on the concentrated area that you are experiencing problems with.


Is Spot Treatment for you?


Spot Treatment Massage Therapy is recommended to clients when they are pained by constricted areas of the neck, shoulder, hip, or back. This therapy session is perfect for those with a busy schedule or for those that are not able to have a full session of bodywork.

Spot Treatment (Member)

20 min | $40

Spot Treatment Benefits 


Concentration on Specific Problem Areas


Relieve Muscle Knots and Tension


Decrease Muscle Pain


Increase Blood Flow to Exhausted Muscles 

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