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Game Ready

What is Game Ready?

The Game Ready System combines Intermittent Compression with Circumferential Cold Therapy in one fully adjustable, easy-to-use application.


The therapeutic cold and active compression supplied by the Game Ready System work together to help you recover from injuries even faster than ice packs or static compression alone. Because Game Ready machines constantly circulate cold water through an ice reservoir, the temperature remains consistent throughout the therapy session. Adding active compression allows therapeutic cold to penetrate deeper and last longer. This means faster tissue repair and an accelerated injury recovery for you!


Is Game Ready for you?

Recovery is an integral part of every athlete’s training, whether it’s recovery from an injury or recovery between workouts. Game Ready is a great treatment to aid in recovery and regular physical activities.

Game Ready Systems deliver therapeutic modalities that can be used separately or in combination to help improve recovery. So you can get back to being your best – more confidently, more comfortably, and as quickly as possible.

Game Ready (Non-Member)

30 min | $60

Game Ready Benefits 


Increased Healing of Tissues


Decreased Need for Oral Pain Medication


Increased Range of Motion


Lowered Rehabilitation Time

Game Ready (Member)

30 min | $30

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